Jennifer L. King


Jennifer possesses the right mix of technical expertise, practical knowledge, and a down-to-earth personality to guide you through the complexities of modern estate planning law. While practicing with two large downtown Seattle law firms–Foster Pepper PLLC and Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP—Jennifer noticed that many of her clients wanted to receive the service and expertise offered within a large firm, but in a more intimate setting. That beautifully complemented Jennifer’s desire to enjoy the personal benefits that come with a small-firm environment, so in 2004 Jennifer left big-firm life, and she’s never looked back! Among the values supporting the Three60 mission, Jennifer is most partial to the “relationships” value, and firmly believes that authenticity and approachability are at the heart of each client relationship. She recognizes that the estate planning and estate administration processes can be intimidating, so she takes the time to listen, understand, and explain in a way that helps clients feel comfortable and instills a sense of confidence in their decision making. Estate planning isn’t merely planning for your death…if done right, it can be planning for your life as well. Jennifer and our Three60 team approach the planning process from that perspective, and we think that makes all the difference.

Diana Zottman


At the start of her legal career, Diana worked as a public defender for the largest public defense firm in King County. After a move from criminal law to involvement with the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council (WSDDC), Diana joined Curran Law Firm in 2003 to focus on estate planning and probate. In 2008, she moved to the downtown Seattle firm Keller Rohrback LLP, where she continued honing her practice in estate planning.

While helping families through probate, she noticed that many estate plans fail to address the unique elements of the decedent’s life. In fact, most plans seem to address only a portion of the estate, which often leads to unnecessary complications and expense. As a result, part of Diana’s philosophy involves crafting an effective estate plan that brings together all the elements of the client’s life. In 2016, Diana launched Laurel Law, drawing upon her skills as an experienced attorney, board chair, policy analyst, and devoted family member.

At Three60 Law Group, Diana continues to provide her clients with a person-centered style of planning, but with the added benefit of a team approach that is the cornerstone of Three60’s philosophy.

Dave Greenberg


Dave approaches estate planning as a puzzle in which the client’s personal, financial, and tax goals must fit together in a comprehensive plan. In order to fit these pieces together, Dave prioritizes client communication and open discussions about goals and concerns. Only after a complete understanding of a client’s priorities can a plan truly come together.

Dave believes a well-crafted estate plan is understandable, easily implemented, and cares for the client’s beneficiaries, whether they be family, friends, pets or charities. With experience in estate administration, trust administration, and business transitions, Dave crafts estate plans with an eye towards smooth implementation. With his prior experience as a litigator and insurance coverage attorney, Dave understands the need for a client’s plan to anticipate and mitigate potential disputes.

Prior to joining Three60 Law Group, Dave spent almost seven years with the Seattle firm of Betts, Patterson & Mines. He joins Three60 Law Group to provide his clients with the small firm touch we are so proud of here.

Dave lives in Bellevue with his wife and two daughters. While he does not currently have a dog, he is a lifelong dog lover and plans to add to Three60’s pack of canine ambassadors in the NEAR future.

Jack McClelland


Jack began his legal career working for a plaintiffs’ litigation firm in Seattle where he advocated for his clients’ rights at school and in the workplace. When he transitioned to estate planning he drew from his previous work as a litigator to help his clients create estate plans that are easy to administer, minimize conflict, and reflect their wishes.

Jack demonstrates Three60 Law Group’s holistic approach to estate planning in several ways. Open and honest communication is the best way to create plans that are tailored to each client’s needs, so Jack is careful to actively engage his clients in the planning process. Helping clients plan for their present circumstances, protect their family in the future, and establish their lasting legacy is what draws Jack to this area of practice and is why he completed an advanced degree in Taxation at the University of Washington. Jack knows from his experience with his own family that life can throw many curveballs, and that proper estate planning helps families through those hard times. Jack brings the same level of care and attention to his clients as he did to his own family.

In addition to his work at Three60 Law Group, Jack volunteers at the King County Housing Justice Project. Jack lives in Seattle and spends his free time hiking, climbing, and kayaking in the Pacific Northwest.

Lynette Healey

Practice Manager

Lynette Healey brings over 25 years of experience in law firm and operations management, having worked as a manager in both large and smaller law firms in the Pacific Northwest. As the practice manager, Lynette coordinates a broad range of responsibilities with the overall purpose of ensuring that daily operations of the firm run smoothly. Her enthusiasm for what we do reflects in how effectively she works within the firm as well as with our clients.

Prior to joining Three60 Law Group, Lynette provided management support for numerous law firms, most notably at Perkins Coie. She also has been a personal caregiver for her parents in their elder years and knows firsthand how important it is to have the correct legal tools in place to assist in caregiving. She can empathize with the many challenges that life presents to all of us.

Lynette was born in Portland but moved to the Seattle area at only two weeks old. True to her Pacific Northwest roots, Lynette received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Seattle Pacific University in English Literature.


Hailey Shultz

Legal Assistant

As a Three60 Legal Assistant, Hailey keeps our probate matters organized and on track. Hailey also enjoys preparing first drafts of certain estate planning documents and she is essential in make sure all estate planning details are looked after, whether it’s moving beneficiary designation changes forward or keeping in touch with our clients and their advisors. In addition to her Legal Assistant duties, Hailey also assists our Practice Manager, Lynette, to ensure that operations at Three60 run smoothly.

Hailey completed her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Washington State University in 2018. While working diligently to accomplish her education goals, Hailey worked in office support and customer service positions. All of these experiences—as well as her enthusiasm for the legal field—make Hailey the perfect fit for Three60’s client-centered approach.

Hailey grew up in the Bellevue area, having graduated from Newport High School before pursuing her undergraduate degree. We will not be surprised if someday soon Hailey decides to attend law school, but we hope she will continue at Three60 during and after!

The Three60 Canine Ambassadors

We consider our canine ambassadors to be a valued part of our team.

Here at Three60, we are passionate about animal welfare.  Pets can provide so much joy and enrichment to our lives.  Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year.  Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats.  Sadly, each year approximately 2.7 million animals are not able to find homes and are euthanized (1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats). 

Annie, Gracie, and Missy, our canine ambassadors, are here to greet you with wagging tails and, occasionally, a friendly “woof” hello.