Just for Fun

Keeping Three60 spirits up during the pandemic

Three60 celebrates two years!

Jennifer Taking a Call

Diana and the Dogs - Ollie, Annie, and Gracie

Gracie - "Is it too soon to tell you that I'll love you forever?"

Annie: “won’t someone throw the ball for me?”

Pandemic or no...the Three60 team makes it work!

Working lunch

Turning two never looked so good!

Turning two never looked so good!

Diana and Hailey rocking their Three60-wear

And the award for the Three60 EP Pro of the month goes to...

Diana and Jennifer

Gracie Sun Bathing

Puzzles Create a Mini Office Retreat for Hardworking Legal Minds

The pups are bored the the webinar…but the Three60 two-leggeds are fascinated

Jennifer at the Table

No matter how much she begs, Gracie’s not going to share her sunspot with Maple

Holiday 2019

Holiday 2018