Just for Fun

Keeping Three60 spirits up during the pandemic

Three60 celebrates two years!

Jennifer Taking a Call

Diana and the Dogs - Ollie, Annie, and Gracie

Gracie - "Is it too soon to tell you that I'll love you forever?"

Annie: “won’t someone throw the ball for me?”

Pandemic or no...the Three60 team makes it work!

Working lunch

Turning two never looked so good!

Diana and Hailey rocking their Three60-wear

And the award for the Three60 EP Pro of the month goes to...

Diana and Jennifer

Gracie Sun Bathing

Puzzles Create a Mini Office Retreat for Hardworking Legal Minds

The pups are bored the the webinar…but the Three60 two-leggeds are fascinated

Jennifer at the Table

No matter how much she begs, Gracie’s not going to share her sunspot with Maple

Holiday 2019

Holiday 2018