What is their goal/mission?

In 1967, a group of Seattle community leaders started Northwest Harvest as a part of their commitment to feed the suffering and stop systemic causes of hunger. For over 50 years, Northwest Harvest has successfully implemented practices and built resources to help the community access food.

How do they accomplish their mission?

Northwest Harvest provides approximately two million meals a month. Two-thirds of the food they provide are fruits and veggies. Over 50% of the people they serve are either children or seniors. They also provide shelf-stable and ready-to-eat meals in King, Pierce, Yakima, and Spokane counties. In addition to donating to over 375 food banks, meal programs, and high-need schools, Northwest Harvest provides education for other food-based relief programs. During the COVID outbreak, Northwest Harvest has worked with the National Guard to provide over 500,000 emergency food boxes to those in need, while also serving over 1,500 people daily at their SODO Community Market, located in Seattle.

Some ways you can help Northwest Harvest:

In addition to donating food or volunteering your time at one of Northwest Harvest’s locations, you can help by participating in their Harvest of Hope Legacy Program by naming Northwest Harvest as a beneficiary in your estate plan.

If you are considering including Northwest Harvest or one of your other favorite charities in your estate plan, contact Three60 Law Group to learn more about how to ensure your plan aligns with your charitable-giving wishes.

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